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Get easy steps to change Mozilla Firefox Settings

It is available for all operating systems viz Windows as well as Mac. It is regarded as one of the most trusted web browsers around the world. It comprises one of the best security features as it is an open source and non-licensed software.

You can change the settings on Mozilla Firefox and can customize it as per your requirements. You can change Mozilla Firefox settings in the computer for different purposes. Some of the settings are discussed below:

1) You can set Mozilla.com as your home page. Home page is one that opens whenever you connect to internet. You can set any URL of website as the home page. To set your home page to Mozilla.com by default, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. First you need to open Internet settings in your computer and then go to Set your home page.
  2. Now here you may type for example Type Mozilla.com as the default home page and click on Save.

After this, your web browser will be configured to set your home page as Mozilla.com and whenever you connect to internet, mozilla.com will open as your desired home page.

2) Adding an extension in your Mozilla web browser. Extensions add to the use of a web browser to its maximum capacity. Mozilla Firefox being open source software contains a lot of extension that can be easily downloaded from the internet and added in Mozilla web browser to enhance it. To download a specific extension, first you need to search that extension in Google and then download the software for the same. Once the software is downloaded, double click to open it and follow the instructions. Read the license agreement and click Ok. The extension will be added to your web browser.

Apart from the above settings of Mozilla Firefox, the settings of cookies and passwords can also be changed from the browser. You can also change the default downloads drive. Few other changes are also available in Mozilla Firefox.

In case you need any technical assistance to change Mozilla Firefox settingsFind Article, you can contact Mozilla Firefox technical support . Mozilla Firefox tech support will be assisting you in changing the setting of your Mozilla Firefox web browser.

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