Kamis, 07 Desember 2017

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Game Review

Following the break of THQ Joe Madureira and the co-founder of Vigil Games formed a future studio.  While many had hoped that the creative visionaries for the Darksiders series would continue their be there, the newly formed Airship Syndicate had other ideas that involved doing something premature with an aged comics franchise.  That “something new” is a video game adaptation of Battle Chasers.  Based along the popular humourous that was written and pencil by Madureira swish the 90’s, Battle Chasers: Nightwar draws gameplay inspiration from the likes of other party-based RPGs like Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, and others.

As those familiar with their earlier work give expect, the presentation spiffy Battle Chasers: Nightwar is impressive right from the very start.  The art pompadour really catches the eye throughout, systematically pleasing with every cutscene and primal dungeon – there’s always a fresh sense to each incipient place, and the each game’s laughable book style is unique.  Even the world represent has a charming optic presentation that makes traversing betwixt town and dungeon a joy.

Admittedly, battling on the path between the dozen with random enemy encounters grates a little, but it does help you add away enemy stats impervious with the Combat Knowledge system – the more times you defeat a destined enemy, the more insight you'll have into what attacks they present abuse pre-emptively, and what their HP is. This allows you to take on a better strategy as the fight unfolds.

The adventure starts with your crew’s ship gets unstable behind all-out an island, believed to be feature posh Mana, and your team is scattered across the isle. Your depute for the prototypic few hours is but to accept your team back togetherComputer Technology Articles, and to find an ally previous to the Battle Chasers universe – and abaft that events terminate throw out slow the rabbit hole.

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